Nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except


Home is the coziest harbor, there is little doubt that you are tend to let the guard down at home. However, unexpected things always happen when you are out of home or even when you are slumping on the sofa. Defend Cam’s cloud service and App provide you a connection to the unknown moment no matter where you are. The first product Defend X is released in early spring of 2018, your family security is guaranteed from now on.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing visual, handy, affordable, and world-class home security system to the world. We believe that Defend Cam will make the world a safer place by giving you more information about you, your family and even your community.

Our Strategy

We are capable of design, R&D, manufacture and market about all aspects of family security. Our team members are young and vigorous, and we are trying to catch up with the high speed developments.

Our Ambition

Be a trusted expert in home security to make millions of people’s life more secure and guaranteed. Make our product benefit more family.

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