How to Connect Defend X Camera to Internet?

Sandy Holt, Jun 12, 2018

As a brand new security camera – Defend X, published in the early spring of 2018, is designed to provide a safe place, where you can let down the vigilance and enjoy the good life.
Mostly many people are aware of the importance of getting a security camera for their home, workplace, baby and pets, but mistakenly believe that the security camera is too complicated to put to use, such as connecting it to the Internet, which makes them fail to get the security they require.
However, there is no need to worry about Defend X, please follow the simple steps as below to connect Defend X to Internet.

Part1. Make camera ready to work and get the DefendCam App

First of all, for the best experience, please insert a micro SD card into the camera, and make sure it has enough power to work. Download the DefendCam app by scanning this QR code or searching for DefendCam in App Store or Google Play.

Android APP iOS APP

Note: If you already use the DefendCam app, make sure that you are using the latest version. To find out if an update is available, go to the app store and search for DefendCam.

Part2. Binding Your Defend X Camera and App
Use the DefendCam app and your DefendCam account to set up your Defend X camera. If you already set up an account, you can add the Defend X camera to your account. After you add your Defend X camera to your DefendCam account, you can place the Defend X camera anywhere in network coverage area. To bind your Defend X camera and App:

1.Please use a valid email address to register, then active the account by clicking the email you received, and log in.

2.Click “Camera” icon, then click “+” to add your Defend X cameras.

3.Switch ON camera, please press menu button to enter main interface. Scan QR code on the camera.

4.Please name your camera for device management.

5.Please select your home router and enter the password (camera doesn't support 5GHZ Wi-Fi).

6.For Android users, please connect your camera Wi-Fi according to the ID on the QR code. Then it will prompt the boot operation after success or failure.

7.For iOS users, please click the green button to enter into the setting interface. And then connect your camera Wi-Fi according to the ID on the QR code, the default password abc.1234. At last, click back to DefendCam app at the top left corner.

With these 7 steps, you can certainly bind camera to the Internet and get the camera ready to work. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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