Defend X

Your 24h Safe Guarder

Wireless | 12 MP Images | Infrared Night Vision
0.4s Trigger Time | Rechargeable Battery Powered
200 Days Long Standby | Weatherproof

Super High Definition Photos: Seeing is the Real Security

DefendCam supports to capture scenes within 10~12m, and those photos will be shown as 12MP in your app, which is far more vivid and clearer even than your own eyes seeing.

720P 1080P

Keep Sharp Observation at Night to Maintain Security

Thanks to the leading infrared night vision technology, Defend X can
grasp every movement in the night up to 0.4s. With these 12 MP images, you can see
what happened when you’re asleep as clear as in the daytime.

0.4s Trigger Time, Never Miss a Moment

Defend X works as a bodyguard with o.4s quick catch.
No matter who comes, your expected guests? Or sudden intruder, you can know who is there outside your door instantly.

  • 6-9 Months

    Ultra-long standby time, in terms of triggering 10 photos per day with Internet connection.

  • 3000+ Photos

    Once fully charged, it will take 3000+ photos with Internet connection, otherwise, it takes at least 12000 photos.

  • Compatible with solar panel

    For the better compatibility, it is recommended to buy the solar panel of our company.

  • Rechargeable battery

    Save your money with the included rechargeable battery.

2-inch LCD screen makes viewing photos possible even without Wi-Fi.

It is quite a intimate function for anyone who wants to use our camera in desolate places. You are able to check all the taken photos and videos on this camera itself with no efforts.

Cloud Storage

Enhanced Security

Multilayer security and end-to-end encryption to keep your private data secure.

Convenient Storage

Automatically save the taken photos and videos to the cloud corner at a speed you can't perceive.

7 Days Free

Easily access and free storage for 7days, you can see photos and videos anytime on your DefendCam app.

Cloud Service Plans

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