DefendCam Product FAQ

Defend X
1.How to Change Batteries?
a. The official standard is rechargeable batteries, there is no need to replace.
b. If necessary, you can use the standard screwdriver to screw out two black screws on the back cover of the camera, remove the cover and replace the battery.
2.How Long is the Battery Operating Life?
The official experiment shows that the battery is on standby for 200 days, it will take almost 2000 photos in total if takes a photo every 5 minutes.
3.How to Prolong Battery Use Time?
a. Don't put the camera in the high frequency trigger location, such as the roadside.
b. Reduce the use of night vision function, for example, do not put in a dark corner, because the night will open the lamp, led to more power consumption.
4.Cannot Charge with the USB Interface.
USB is designed to transmit data, since the voltage is not enough, it cannot charge the camera. So please charge the camera with the official adapter.
5.How to Upgrade the Firmware of the Camera?
a. The mobile phone APP enters the setup page, which indicates that firmware is upgraded. After clicking firmware upgrade, the camera will automatically upgrade after the next trigger.
b. When the automatic upgrade starts, the indicator light will always flicker. When opening the camera flip, there will be no response.
c. If you need fast firmware upgrade, please click APP upgrade and click the “OK” button to upgrade firmware.
6.APP Power and Wi-Fi Signal Intensity.
The power and Wi-Fi signal strength of the APP camera interface are displayed after the last photo. If the interval is too long, it will affect the accuracy.
7.Why the App Will Not Take Effect until the Next Trigger?
In order to increase the working time of camera, the camera did sleep processing. After set up, the app will take effect synchronously when the camera is connected to the server next time.
8.Why the Mobile Phone Has No Pop-Up Window Hints?
a. Android phone doesn’t turn on the prompt switch.
b. Android phone has disabled the DefendX app popups.
c. iOS device has disabled the DefendX app popups.
d. It is recommended to turn on the prompt switch.
9.How to Reset DefendX Camera?
When the camera is in the main interface, press the Right button for 15s, after you release, it will reset all the settings.
10.Can It Work with No Wi-Fi Available?
Without Wi-Fi, the mobile phone can't receive the photos of the camera, but photos can be viewed and operated by the 2 inch screen that our camera brings.

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